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Our responsibility towards the environment is not restricted to the landscape, but it encompasses the relational nets that we establish and nurture.

Our activism is understood through trust, the linearity of production is questioned in favour of production as a constellation.

Our production has lead to different groups of hemp artisans establishing alliances that never existed before (because of social and geographical differences) to create an own supply chain and reach a level of autonomy that goes beyond Hemper.

From the material source (a wild plant original from the Himalaya, where the very thread production takes place) to the processing (The weaved fabrics are naturally dyed by Nepali female experts organized as a certificated Fair Trade production in Kathmandu), the circularity of our production never abandons its origins: Nepal.

By working towards a Nepali industry that, since the beginning is concerned with social and environmental respect, we aim to aid an economic development that doesn’t leave collective development behind.

If both the source (hemp) and the workers are preserving and retrieving a traditional and own potential, the development is not an external and aggressive one, but one in which Nepali heritage regenerates into economical, environmental, and social wealth.

We are not sustainable, we are regenerative.

Hemper Made in NEPAL